About Daria Ibn-Tamas

avataradarimDaria Ibn-Tamas, of Los Angeles, California, is a lawyer who works in the area of  intellectual property and product liability law.  More specifically, she  provides pro bono services in the areas of consumer protection and non-profit law.  Daria Ibn-Tamas earned a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Political Science from Columbia University.  Upon graduating from Columbia, Daria Ibn-Tamas went on to earn her Master’s of Commercial Aviation from Delta State University.  Ultimately, she attended the University of Southern California Gould School of Law to earn her Juris Doctorate, completing her higher education.

Daria Ibn-Tamas also serves as a disaster relief consultant to a FEMA contractor and is one of the first individuals called upon to respond to a disaster.  She is a member of a team that conducts home inspections to those who have been affected by federally declared disaster areas. Since 2004, Daria Ibn-Tamas has been called to the scene of upwards of fifteen natural disasters that occurred in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, California and Tennessee.   Areas ravaged by floods, hurricanes, mudslides and fires across the United States are among some of the types of disasters Daria Ibn-Tamas has seen.  Daria prides herself on her capacity to administer effective property and social service assessments in times of need.  She guides those who have been affected by a disaster through the application process for relief assistance, providing emotional support and a plethora of options for their next steps in moving forward from said disaster.

During these natural disasters, Daria Ibn-Tamas has proved herself to be a valuable resource and contributor to top media outlets. Her expertise in the management of crisis situations has armed her with the critical skills necessary in aiding victims in the event of an emergency by creating a plan of action which will allow them o successfully overcome their turmoil. Daria Ibn-Tamas has dedicated her time as a volunteer at locations around the world for various relief efforts sponsored by Airline Ambassadors when she coordinated transportation logistics necessary to help teams of medical personnel reach earthquake victims.  Similarly,  she worked closely evacuees from Haiti, guiding them through the process of humanitarian parole.

Daria Ibn-Tamas is dedicated to volunteer work, thus tries to work for causes she believes in whenever she can.  She is a motivational speaker and sponsor of events and programs that seek to  raise awareness surrounding the issues of domestic violence and human trafficking.  Daria has served as a board member of a number of reputable outreach programs and is deeply devoted to urban community health-care problems, specifically in the area HIV awareness and homelessness.  She has also contributed significantly  to the following causes: Junior League, Special Olympics, Tahirih Justice Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Friends Outside.

In addition to her extensive list of educational accolades and professional endeavors, Daria Ibn-Tamas has spent a great deal of her time working with/for a number of non-profit organizations.  She is a committed member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) and has spent many volunteer hours working closely with AKA chapters and organizations across the country. Daria Ibn-Tamas received the honor of being elected to the International Board of Directors for the Sorority from 1996 to 1998 as Second Vice President.  She then held the same position with the AKA Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF), which is a charitable non-profit associated with the Sorority.  In her role as the Second Vice President, she traveled to the regional and national conferences, presenting workshops and addressing the questions and concerns of the membership. She also established the AKA EAF Youth P.A.C (Partners Accessing Capital) where she created a program to get young people involved in and excited about the philanthropic process.  The program is comprised of an undergraduate committee that administers awards and scholarships to college students.

To learn more about Daria Ibn-Tamas, her professional life and her philanthropic endeavors, check out her page here. 


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