Los Angeles, California

Daria Ibn-Tamas

Los Angeles, California

Daria Ibn-Tamas lives and works in Los Angeles, California.  Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California and holds the title for the second-most populous city in the entirety of the United States, falling second only to New York City.  The city of Los Angeles was founded on September 4, 1781 by Felipe de Neve, a spanish governor.  After the Mexican War of Independence, the city became a part of Mexico in 1921, although the city beame a part of the United States once again with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1850, which was set into place at the end of the Mexican-American War.

Geographically, Los Angeles is compromised of upwards of 80 districts/neighborhoods.  That being said, the city is primarily divided up based on the following sections: East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Northeast Los Angeles South Los Angeles, Greater Hollywood, the Harbor Area, the Westside, Willshire, and the Crescenta and San Fernando Valleys.  Some well-known landmarks in Los Angeles include the Hollywood Sign, Dodger Stadium, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels,  the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Hollywood Boulevard, to name a few.

The city is often referred to as the “Creative Capital of the World,” due to the statistic that one in six residents of Los Angeles maintains a career within a creative industry.  It has been said that Los Angeles has more dancers, artists, writers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and the like living in Los Angeles than in any other city today.  This could be due to LA being the home of Hollywood, which is the center location of the movie and film industry.  Similarly, Los Angeles is also the city where the Academy Awards are held each year.  In this same vein of excellence in movie production, the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, which is the oldest school of film in the United States, is located in Los Angeles.

Daria Ibn Tamas

Los Angeles

Los Angeles also boasts a number of art galleries and museums within Los Angeles County.  True to their dedication to the arts and creativity, Los Angeles has more museums per capita in comparison to any other city on earth.  Among the most well-known are the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, which is the largest art museum in the Western U.S., and the Battleship Iowa.

The city also has a number of professional sports teams.  The major league baseball team of the city is the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the city has two basketball teams; the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Los Angeles Clippers.  The city is also home to a professional hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings.  Home sporting events are held at one of the many impressive sports venues in Los Angeles, such as Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Coliseum, The Forum, Staples Center and the StubHub Center.  The Staples Center is especially well known the home venue for the Clippers and the Lakers.

As for higher education, Los Angeles is home to three public universities: University of California, Los Angeles, known as UCLA, California State University, Northridge, known as CSUN, and California State Univeristy, Los Angeles, known as CSULA.  The city has a number of private colleges within its boundaries, including Loyola Marymount University, American Film Institute Conservatory, Otis College of Art and Design, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, to name a few.

Los Angeles is a beautiful, vibrant city that has something to offer everyone.  It is a city that everyone should definitely visit, given the opportunity.


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